We are freelance masters.

Our products are always

High quality

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a plugin or multipage online store template. We always deliver best code for you. In our work, there is no space for any ugly fix.


We have simple but powerful routine of planing the project. Brainstorm is allways the first step - it’s help us to find best way to achied your goals.

User friendly

Our clients are important, but their clients are our light in eyes - we will stand for their rights! We love beautiful UX and our UI are allways user friendly.

Our developers are always

On time & proactive

They understand that punctuality is about the quality of our services. Apart from the fact that they meet deadlines, you are always up to date - you can view anytime the progress of their work.


The basis of their work is appropriate organization for the project - They spend some time to analyze for implement the project smoothly and without surprises.


Curiosity is the first step to knowledge! Despite the fact that they have a number of ready-made solutions, they are constantly looking for better ways to achieve the objectives of the project.

Up to date

They do not fall from a horse! Web continues to grow, and they with it. Technological innovations reach them immediately because web development is their passion.

Latest projects

How we work

Before project start

When we will establish contact, we will need basic information about the project: what is to be done, what will be deadline on it and what is planned budget for the project.

We will prepare brief and mockups, on the basis of which we will implement the project. At each stage, you will have insight, as well as the impact on the appearance and operation of your project.

Project start

Project start
At the beginning we are doing concrete research - we are preparing diligently for the job. If the project also includes designs, we begin immediately with it.


We ask questions and we answer them. We believe that good communication is a foundation of progressive coorporate. We precize details, terefore we know how to feel out client exceptions.


When everything is clear, we create work schedule. We divide the project to stages, and stages to tasks. Therefore our client can clearly see how we get thing done. For every step we declare deadlines, they are holy for us.


Now we can work. We design coming layers, we code accepted designs, we develop needed modules and configure CMS. We realize task by task, as organized.


After closing the last stage (usualy substages too) we present to the client dev-version for acceptence.

Testing & fixes

Testing & fixes
As everyone knows, there are allways bugs, they like to hide! On this step client is testing our product, and we are fixing eventual holes.

Project end

Project end
Success! The next client is happy, and during waiting for a pay, we are preparing the project for the owner. He will get all materials and need information like password after we get the transfer.

Contact us

+48 602 647 114



Becouse we dont belong to the global time space, we prefere e-mail contact. But when you need answers right here, right now feel free to call us. If we are not reacheable, we will contact you as soon as posible.